Six week Update

Yesterday was six weeks since my LMP. According to my apps, baby is the size of a green pea.


I thought I would do those update questions just to give me something to follow my journey with. We will start taking pics of me today, and will make that a weekly thing. I will post all pics etc in the Gallery tab above.

How far along are you? I am 6 weeks and 1 day.


What’s happening with the baby? My apps tell me that baby’s lungs and heart are developing, but that it will still be a few weeks before you can hear the heart beat on a Doppler.

Total weight gain? Somehow I’ve managed to gain 2.2kgs since last week. I’m only weighing myself every Friday so I’m hoping that it’s just from a slow digestive tract. 

Maternity clothes? Not yet, although I am finding my belts have to be on a looser hole than before.

Stretch marks? Not any pregnancy related.

Sleep? I’m tired a lot! I’m usually in bed by about 9pm, but I’m awake by 5am almost every morning. I have been trying to have a rest in the afternoons, but work just hasn’t allowed that this week. I napped yesterday afternoon and this afternoon though.

Best moment this week? I have a few. 1) Getting the phone call from Dr P to say he’s very happy with my numbers and to stop stressing. 2) Telling my best friend this morning at the park and seeing how excited she was for us. She even gave the baby a talking to and told it to stay put this time! 3) Using pregnant to convince my hubby to buy me a body massager at the Homemakers Expo this afternoon – it is truly amazing. 4) Having a really good session with my therapist yesterday.

Miss anything? Not really at this point.

Movement? I really wish my digestive tract did, but nothing else.

Food cravings? I’ve been eating lots of fruit – pineapple, grapes, strawberries. Chocolate slabs don’t stand a chance with me, I finish the whole slab without really noticing. I’m drinking a lot of water – I never drink water!

Anything make you queasy or sick? I can’t have milk with my cereal in the morning at the moment. And being hungry makes me queasy. I also find that as soon as I climb in the car I feel queasy.

Gender? Too early, but we aren’t going to find out.

Symptoms? Tender breasts, frequent urination, slight queasiness, v.e.r.y. slow digestive tract.

Belly button in or out? No change – I’ve always had a very deep innie.

Wedding/Engagement Rings on or off? Both on, I will try keep my wedding ring on at all costs. I haven’t taken it off at all since the wedding.

Looking forward to? Nightly massages with our new massager and passing each Friday without incident, getting us closer to 12 weeks. Coming up with our list of milestones.

My best friend gave us a really cool idea for this pregnancy. Since there are so many milestones that the baby is reaching, and the pregnancy is reaching, make some milestones for us to complete every now and then. So for example at 12 weeks make a big purchase for baby’s room, at 24 weeks buy nappies, at 30 weeks buy the pram etc. B and I are going to work on our list and I will post it here during the week.

Our first one is when we see the heartbeat we will go for celebratory dinner. Hopefully that will be at my appointment next week Wednesday.


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