1st Trimester

Another miscarriage…

By Bianca Johnson / July 21, 2015

I found out I was pregnant just before my son’s first birthday party. Since all the family were going to be around, we told them a few days after the party. Everyone was thrilled as they know I want a big family. Once again my parents were sad that they were going to be in…

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12 Week Update

By Bianca Johnson / November 18, 2013

Friday was 12 weeks LMP. We had a super busy weekend so I’m only getting to posting now. I had the Pure Romance South African Convention in Johannesburg and so my hubby, sister and I drove up for 48 hours and drove back yesterday afternoon. Of the last 48 hours I’ve spent 13 in a…

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12 Week Appointment and Scan

By Bianca Johnson / November 12, 2013

Today was our 12 week appointment and detailed scan. The BSquirt is measuring 54 mm, which is 12W3d, I’m 11w4d since LMP. The estimated due date is around 24 May 2014. The scan included multiple checks for ruling out Down’s Syndrome: The Nuchal Fold is measuring 1.3 mm. The want it to be under 3…

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11 week Update

By Bianca Johnson / November 9, 2013

Yesterday was 11 weeks. According to my apps baby is the size of a fig or a lime.    How far along are you? 11 weeks and 1 day What’s happening with the baby? Arms and legs are continue to grow and they can now bend. Baby starts to kick, but this is still undetectable by…

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Week 9 – 10 Update & Some pics of my holiday

By Bianca Johnson / November 3, 2013

According to my apps, baby is the size of a prune or a green olive. Someone somewhere must grow really big green olives! How far along are you? Today I am 10 weeks and 2 days. What’s happening with the baby? Baby is now termed a foetus! Total weight gain? Weirdly I’ve lost more weight, down 0.7 kg…

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9 week update-ish

By Bianca Johnson / October 26, 2013

My hubby’s birthday was yesterday when I was 9 weeks. We have gone away for a relaxing week in St Lucia Estuary, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. Everything is good with the pregnancy, actually almost nothing has changed since last week. I will post a detailed update next weekend when we are back on wifi. I…

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8 week update

By Bianca Johnson / October 20, 2013

Friday was eight weeks since my LMP. According to my apps, baby is the size of a raspberry or Jelly Bean.     According to my ultrasound this week baby is 16.8 mm (or was on Wednesday). Something I read suggested that baby is growing about a millimetre a day at the moment, so by today…

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First Antenatal Appointment Ever!

By Bianca Johnson / October 16, 2013

Today was my first doctor’s appointment with Dr P for this pregnancy. It was also my first antenatal appointment ever! With my previous pregnancies I only ever got to the doctor after the miscarriages had already happened. Today was a lot of firsts! First time seeing an embryo in my uterus! Measuring 16.8 mm from…

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7 week Update

By Bianca Johnson / October 12, 2013

Yesterday was seven weeks since my LMP. According to my apps, baby is the size of a blueberry. For those that would like to see, this week’s photo is in the gallery above. How far along are you? 7 weeks 1 day today. What’s happening with the baby? Hands and feet are developing, as well…

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Our Milestones for the next few months

By Bianca Johnson / October 8, 2013

As I said in my 6 Week Update – here is a list of the milestones that we are going to set for ourselves for each step of the way. Heartbeat (We have never seen a heartbeat before. All my previous appointments have happened after my miscarriages) Celebratory Dinner Buy first Baby Outfit together. 9…

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