The B Squared & Family

A family website about our journey to and through parenthood, traveling around South Africa and one day the world, and homeschooling our two kids, Kyle & Ayla.

Parenting - our journey

Before and after becoming Parents

Who knew that our journey to becoming parents would be such a difficult and complex one? Bianca originally published most of her blog on a WordPress blog site - Preparing for the BSquirt. We've since moved those pages and blog posts to this domain in order to capture our story all in one place. We will continue to capture our thoughts on parenting in this space.


Why we've chosen to homeschool our kids

We both grew up having the opportunity to follow and explore our passions when it came to schooling. Although we both attended government schools, Bianca's passion for drama and the arts was encouraged, as was Brian's passion for computers.

Bianca attended the National School of the Arts specialising in Drama, and Brian was able to pursue computer science studies before it was commonplace.

Whilst pregnant with Kyle, we both came to the conclusion that our kids would be better off in the current era being homeschooled. One of the most influential TEDTalks we heard was the one by Ken Robinson, and numerous other talks.


Camping and other trips

We really enjoy travelling around our amazing country. We particularly enjoy camping, and the kids love the freedom. We try to go to Kruger at least once every year or two, and we've started alternating between the kids having a party and a holiday. So one year they have a party, the next a holiday.

We'll be sharing our trips going forward here. If I remember I'll go back and write up some of the info on our previous trips as well.