Brian Johnson

Father, Husband, Programmer

Bianca is generally referred to as The B Squared 01. Mostly because she's alphabetically before Brian.

Bianca and Brian met online in 2009, and have  been married since 2012. After a complicated path there, they now have two children. Kyle and Ayla are 3 years apart, and the decision was made when pregnant with Kyle, that the family would homeschool the children.

As older parents - Kyle was born the year Brian turned 40, and Ayla the year Bianca turned 40 - the homeschooling style is a fairly relaxed method of allowing the kids to follow their passions and mostly learn through play and discovery.

Bianca loves travelling and worked as a travel agent for 10 years. She's also lived and worked on 5 continents. Her favourite city is Florence, Italy. She loves culture and exploring ancient cities! As a Cancerian she loves being near water, but actually isn't a big fan of swimming. Lakes, rivers and the sea are beautiful from a distance!

She absolutely loves nature, and enjoys spending time watching birds, animals and just enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of the bush. The family's favourite holiday destination is Kruger National Park!


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