The B Squared Presents:


Brian and Bianca Sunset Rosetta

The Creators

Bianca & Brian are The B Squared. Bianca is an extrovert creative who has a fondness for words. Brian is the introvert brain and coder who works with technology to create these Word Search books. They are parents to two who were born the year they each turned 40. They live an idylic life in the countryside of South Africa. As elder parents they are gratfeful equally for coffee and red wine!

Our Books

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Book 1

Welcome to Food Word Search Book for Adults - a delectable journey for food enthusiasts and word puzzle lovers alike! In this gastronomic exploration, you'll be challenged to discover a flavorful feast of words hidden within the grid. As you delve into the world of culinary delights, keep in mind that the words may tantalize your taste buds as much as your puzzle-solving skills.

The challenge is not just to find the words but also to follow the culinary theme in every direction. It's a culinary word search puzzle that invites you to uncover terms associated with the diverse and delicious world of food and beverages.

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Book 2

Get Buzzed with Zzz's Abound Word Search: Where Words Zigzag and Zing!

Calling all puzzle enthusiasts and letter lovers! Are you ready to embark on a zany expedition through the world of words? Buckle up, because Zzz's Abound Word Search is here to twist, turn, and tantalize your brain with a unique challenge: every single word within its pages contains the captivating letter Z! Zzz's Abound Word Search welcomes puzzlers of all levels. Whether you're a seasoned sleuth or a curious beginner, the thrill of unearthing zany zebras, dazzling pizzas, and other Z-licious surprises will leave you wanting more.

Are you ready to join the Zzz's Abound adventure? Grab your copy today and let the letter Z become your guide to a world of puzzling fun!