7 week Update

Yesterday was seven weeks since my LMP. According to my apps, baby is the size of a blueberry.


For those that would like to see, this week’s photo is in the gallery above.

How far along are you? 7 weeks 1 day today.

What’s happening with the baby? Hands and feet are developing, as well as ears. A tail is still visible.

Total weight gain? I’ve dropped 1.1kg and am only 0.8kgs above my starting weight. I only weigh myself on Friday mornings.

Maternity clothes? Not yet, although I was going through my vacuum bags to get out my summer pjs, and decided to take out my fat pants too. That way I have them for a few months time. So I have one pair of black work pants and two pairs of jeans that will fit me for a good few months once the weight/change in shape starts.

Stretch marks? Nothing new

Sleep? I’m waking up a lot to pee, but am managing to go back to sleep pretty quickly. I’m usually in bed by about 9pm and fall asleep very quickly (so quickly that my hubby actually texted me something he found while reading in bed, as I was already fast asleep!). I’m awake between 5 and 5.30am pretty much every morning, but my therapist has said that’s fine since I’m definitely getting enough sleep. I do find around 3.30pm I’m getting very tired already though. I haven’t really managed any naps this week.

Best moment this week? I’ve been reading Chicken Soup for the Expectant Mother’s Soul – what an amazing book. My mother took it out of the library for me, and I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it. I’ve always thought they were full of Christian ideals, Bible verses and that sort of stuff. Turns out it’s actually just real life stories from people about their children. What I truly love is how inclusive the stories are – these are not just stories for new, naive moms. There are stories about IVF, adoption, RPL, stories from the man’s point of view and all sorts. I have really enjoyed reading the book and find myself laughing out loud, and crying at different moments. I really highly recommend this book to any mother who is expecting – be it pregnant, adopting, or any other way of becoming a Mom.

B sent me a text message during the week: “I so want to scream to the world that my angel pie is spawning”. That really made me smile.

Also my Mom and I went shopping at a fabric store yesterday and she bought a whole bunch of fabrics to start decorating the nursery. It’s mostly just fabrics to cover scatter cushions. She is also recovering the rocking chair cushions. This is the same rocking chair that she had when I was a baby, so it’s a very cherished item for my nursery.

Miss anything? This week I am missing wine, and fancy cheese. I love Brie usually – but dairy still isn’t my friend, and I know it’s one of the ones to avoid.


Movement? Not supposed to feel anything yet.

Food cravings? I can’t stop eating. Eating seems to help the queasiness. I had two bouts of real nausea this week – one in the shower which lasted a while and when I was brushing my teeth was finding it hard to keep everything down. The other was when I was getting really hungry and water wasn’t even helping. I am taking a whole lunch box of snacks to work with me on office days, and find myself eating all the time. Colleagues have started commenting on how there’s always paper rustling near my desk. I am keeping fruit sticks, nuts & seed bars and those sorts of things around, but I am pretty much open to eating anything someone offers me. I normally HATE digestive biscuits, but the other day someone offered me one and I happily accepted and ate it. AND I enjoyed it. I can finish off a bag of crisps in a matter of minutes – hubby now brings them to me in a bowl.

Anything make you queasy or sick? Still not able to handle milk, although I’m ok with yoghurt later in the day. The smell of chlorine turns my stomach (we have a pool so this is quite a common smell at our house). South Africa has the highest concentration of swimming pools per household in the world! We have a dedicated aisle in the grocery shops for pool stuff – I can’t walk down that aisle at the moment.

Gender? According to some of the old wives tales Miss Fanny P posted, it’s possibly a boy. Right breast is definitely bigger than the left.

Symptoms? Incessant trips to the loo. Very short temper. Tender breast, but not as bad as they were a few weeks ago. Queasiness, but it comes and goes. Slow digestive track resulting in gas at both ends A LOT.

Belly button in or out? No change.

Wedding/Engagement Rings on or off? No change.

Looking forward to? Wednesday is our first appointment with Dr P. I am looking forward to actually having a scan while I am pregnant and seeing something there for real. That’s really pretty much all I can focus on right now.

I’m hoping to have a good week, and also hoping that some of the symptoms of Progesterone Poisoning get stronger, as I know that will make me feel a bit better about everything.

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