12 Week Appointment and Scan

Today was our 12 week appointment and detailed scan.

The BSquirt is measuring 54 mm, which is 12W3d, I’m 11w4d since LMP.

12W Scan Heartbeat of 163bpm

The estimated due date is around 24 May 2014.

The scan included multiple checks for ruling out Down’s Syndrome: The Nuchal Fold is measuring 1.3 mm. The want it to be under 3 mm and it’s usually more than 1 mm, so we are measuring perfectly. The nasal bone was visible. The heart and bladder were both apparent and what they expected them to look like.

My weight has dropped by 1.5 kgs since my first appointment, but Dr P said it’s probably because I’m eating healthier and drinking more water. I can expect the nausea (which is very limited for me) to start to disappear in the next 2 – 3 weeks. The tiredness takes a couple of weeks longer.

I have a posterior placenta – this means that I will be able to feel baby moving earlier rather than later.

Dr P said something really interesting that I didn’t know. The uterus grows at about a centimetre a week, so that’s how fast it will start to expand from behind my pubic bone. And yes the little bit of firmness is not in my head, it is in fact the beginnings of a baby bump 🙂 By 16 weeks the uterus will be half way at my belly button, by 20 weeks half way between my belly button and my rob cage and by 32 weeks at my ribcage. Apparently this is a good time to be tall!

I was also sent for blood tests – these will be back in 5-7 days. Dr P will phone me with the results as I am over 35. He phones anyone with abnormal results and all his patients over 35. B and I have talked and we are unlikely to go ahead with an amnio even if it’s recommended, since we will not terminate if the Down’s results are positive. It’s been a lot of hard work getting here, we are going to do everything to keep this baby!

I see Dr P again on the 10th of Dec.

We have started telling close friends now. I went to tell the girls I used to work with and they were beyond thrilled!

For those that would like to see the scan pics they are loaded in the Pregnancy Gallery above.

In other news, our new organic vegetable garden was installed today and I am very excited about us having our own fruit, vegetables and herbs growing in our garden. The cats have already found the catnip plant!

The new vege Garden
Greebo found the Catnip
Greebo found the Catnip

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