Follow Up Bloods and more worry!

I got my follow up blood work results today. My hCg is up 34% after two days to 10763, my progesterone is down slightly (52.6), but still quite high for where I think I should be in this pregnancy. Dr P’s rooms are still saying that I’m 6 weeks gestation which is very confusing. That would mean I fell pregnant immediately following the miscarriage, and then had what looked like a normal period 28 days after the miscarriage. So who knows.

I’ve referred back to BetaBase, and I’m still within reported range for everything, although I am way off the averages.

I spend way too much time googling! Yesterday I was worried about a molar pregnancy, but with today’s numbers it doesn’t look too likely. Apparently high hCg can indicate that especially if it is increasing rapidly. I’ve been having mild cramping since Wednesday, but I can’t tell if it’s digestive cramps, nerves or pregnancy related. Now I’m worried that the lack of doubling and the lower progesterone are signs that things are going south again. I just want things to be normal, and uneventful. When is it going to be my turn?

I had a good session with my Chiro this morning at their new cushy offices. They are still trying to set things up properly, but the parking situation is much better. He again reinforced how important doing my stretches are! I really need to stick with those. He also mentioned that I’m very easy to align. I’ve always enjoyed having my neck and back “clicked” so having a professional do it is awesome.

I’m still smelling E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G and it’s driving me a little crazy. B climbed into the car last night when I fetched him from work and leaned over to kiss me and all I could smell was cigarette smoke. I’ve never smelled it on him before. Apparently his desk is near the door that leads to the outside smoking area, and when the wind blows he can sometimes get some of the smell. I’ve never noticed it before, but last night it was the first thing I noticed. I also drove past a fruit & veg shop this afternoon and I swear I could smell their bins. I’m pretty sure I was the only one who could smell it in my car with the windows closed!

That’s my updated. Tonight we tell both sets of parents. I told my sister last night, and it was good to have told at least someone.

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