I did do the test last Friday and it was positive. I also went for a blood test and that confirmed the pregnancy. B and I are both very apprehensive and very excited. Because I have had two miscarriages in the last year it is a very nervous wait for the first scan at the end of the month, as well as making it to the second semester. I wish I didn’t have this worry in the back of my head, but it’s hard not to consider the past.

I am doing my best to stay positive and think positively. I have done all the things other new moms would do in these first few weeks. I bought a pregnancy book on sale, I got a whole bunch of pregnancy magazines through Zinio on my iPad with some vouchers I got, and I bought My Pregnancy magazine that had a cool pregnancy calendar packaged with it. I even filled in all the dates and stuck some of the stickers in.

On the Saturday after I tested, we went to a local church fete and they had lots of those hand made stalls and stuff. B and I picked a really cute pair of black and red booties out as our first purchase for the BSquirt. They are sitting in a storage box with my Ouma’s teddy bear, the onesie my mom bought for my first pregnancy and the positive pregnancy test. My mom also bought a baby towel this week to add to the collection.

We have decided on a black & green theme for the nursery with teddy bears. I found the colour scheme on my favourite app/website Houzz – this is the room we love.

Bianca Johnson

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