Rainbow Baby 2.0 – Pregnancy & choosing my birth team

I chose my birth team for my second birth based on my gut feeling of the people. The moment I found out I was pregnant, almost, I asked Leigh Jansen to be my doula. We’ve been friends for about a year and I knew that she was a doula – I’d been following her blog since before we were friends! I just adore her energy, sense of humour and the way she parents.

Initially I needed to find a new gyneacologist/obstetrician since Dr Payne is no longer practicing obstetrics. I went to Ampath to have my bloods checked and had the results sent to my GP. When I met with him for the results he recommended Dr Zawilski. I phoned to make an appointment and also sent an email with my history. Going over it as many times as I have gets a bit tedious, so I like to send it in writing. As soon as he received the mail he phoned and gave me instructions on what medications and supplements to take. I already felt pretty good about him.

I met him soon after and it was a fairly medical appointment and I was sent for a lot of blood tests. Again! It was good to know that the baby was doing well, and to have someone in my corner also wanting the baby to progress.

Around that time I heard that one of the most popular midwives in Cape Town was moving back to KZN. I started finding out what I needed to know. I had already had the info from Cheryl and I really didn’t feel a connection with her. I booked an introduction appointment with Marianne Littlejohn and began waiting the few months until she came to Durban.

I first met Marianne the day before my appointment, at a Home Birth Gathering, at Mellissa’s house. It was lovely and relaxed and I so enjoyed chatting to and hearing about everyone’s home births. I immediately clicked with Marianne! I couldn’t wait for my appointment.

I clearly meant to document more of my thinking behind the decisions and the journey to my choice of birth team, but this is as far as I got.

They were the perfect team for me, and I loved having everyone around who was.

Bianca Johnson

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