Eyes and Teeth follow up.

I had my follow up Visual Field test to the other eye tests I had this morning. There is nothing wrong with my brain – when it comes to my vision. My brain is clearly just playing tricks on me when I am driving in bright light. I’ve been told to do my best to ignore it. The ophthalmologist said that she doesn’t need to see me again unless something really bad goes wrong, so for now I’m all good when it comes to my eyes.  Her final words to me were go get pregnant! Well, once I’d arranged all the “deck chairs in my mind” right. I’d told her about the pregnancies as she was asking about any medical changes that could have affected my eyesight.

My teeth on the other hand are not so good – although not as bad as the dentist made out when I first saw him. I need to have two fillings replaced, both in back molars. I also had to go for a professional cleaning and have been told to floss more regularly (as in every second day, not twice a year or after eating corn on the cob LOL). This should improve the health of my gums, which will reduce any inflammation in my body. So I’m hoping to get those done this week. I have an appointment for one tomorrow, and need to make another appointment for the other one.

I have another appointment with the therapist on Friday morning. I am really enjoying my sessions with her. I like how she talks through things with me. We are going into unrelated things to the pregnancies, but I think it’s healthy for me to give her a full account of my life. What I really keep taking from our sessions is how perfect B is for me as my husband. His completely neutral communication style is what makes me feel so secure with him. He speaks the truth and always says what he means. I know for most women that is impossible to understand. But it’s the truth, and it’s incredibly freeing! I love him with all my heart and I would not have been able to get through all of this without him next to me.

So for right now we are still in the stages of getting everything in order inside and out. Our healthy eating is going ok, our exercising has slipped a bit, but we will get back on that wagon soon. B has been working very late since last week Wed, and worked the whole weekend, including right through dinner with friends of ours on Saturday night. I’m hoping the issues get sorted out and we can go back to sleeping a little earlier in the evenings, and therefor being able to wake up earlier to work out.

That’s my little update for now, nothing terribly interesting to report.

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